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Salon Policies


NYLA Hair Studio LLC prides itself on exceptinal servies and quality customer care.  If for some reason you as a client have a complaint or are not satisfied with a service, NYLA Hair Studio's client policies will help you.


If you have a service completed and are not satisfied please notify your stylist immediately.  


For hair services, NYLA HAIR STUDIO LLC does require the client to come in (within 7 days) so the stylist can see the hair.


If Making NYLA Hair Studio LLC does agree an unsatisfactory service has been performed,  we will offer a Re-Do with the same stylist.  If this is not possible,   another licensed stylist will re-do the service at no cost to the client.  The original service will not be refunded since we are  Re-Doing the original service.  If you as a client do not show up for the scheduled Re-Do service, Making NYLA Hair Studio LLC will assume you are happy with the original service and have a high satisfaction level. 


NYLA Hair Studio LLC policy is to Re-Do the hair service because we take pride in our reputation and want to prove we can make mistakes but also correct them to your (the client) satisfaction. 


NYLA Hair Studio will only give store credit for any refunds that would be justified or approved by corportate policies. 

NYLA Hair Studio LLC does not give cash, check or credit card refunds for any reason for any services.  We will fix the complaint to the clients and NYLA HAir Studio LLC satisfaction.  NYLA Hair Studio LLC will always make a good faith effort to make sure you are happy and satisfied under reasonable circumstances. The original complaint holder must use the refund gift certificate.  It cannot be redeemed by a friend or gifted to anyone else.

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